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  • Find your Purpose and build a solid business based on what you LOVE
  • ​Overcome Anxiety because you KNOW who you are and what you are here for
  • Build Confidence and really BELIEVE in yourself
  • ​Develop your Business found on values and supportive beliefs
  • Create more Freedom Travel and Abundance in your life
  • Launch a Business built on Passion and Purpose
  • Learn from a 6-Figure Award Winning Entrepreneur
  • Empower yourself Spiritually & Financially
  • Become a Business Rockstar doing something that fulfills you every day

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Meet Your Mentor

Kaya Peters, Founder

Kaya Peters is an award winning entrepreneur. She has built a multiple 6-figure lifestyle business in the Middle East, without investors or starting capital and has been living her purpose of helping people for over a decade. 

Kaya has a gift for seeing what needs to be done, released, created or removed in order to create the success you dream of. She has trained hundreds of Yoga entrepreneurs in her Yoga school, for which she won two awards in 2019. She was also recognized as a Middle East Female Leader in Dubai, UAE. 

Kaya's true passion is to help people create freedom, abundance and joy in their businesses. Even though she has built a 6-figure brand, her business philosophy is mostly based on creating a lifestyle of freedom and joy. Money is not the number one focus, it is just a side effect of working smart and doing what you love.

Kaya splits her time in Dubai, Thailand, Bali and Istanbul. 

Kaya's Brands

Module By Module Course Content

Module 1

Preparation Work &
Mindset Shifts

  • Lesson 1: Introduction Video
  • Lesson 2: What Will You Need
  • Lesson 3: Mindset Training To Fully Commit To Your Dreams
  • Lesson 4: Observing Your Thoughts & Reprogramming Negative Thinking
  • Lesson 5: How To Determine What You Want

Module 2

Discovering Your Life's Purpose & Passion

  • Lesson 1: How & Why To Find Your Life's Purpose
  • ​Lesson 2: How To Discover Your Passion - Inner Work
  • Lesson 3: Learn How To Meditate Properly
  • Lesson 4: Audio Guided Life Purpose Meditation
  • Lesson 5: Audio Daily Practice To Discover Your Life Purpose & Passion With Ease

Module 3

Identifying & Shifting
Limiting Beliefs

  • Lesson 1: What Do Your Believe Is True For You?
  • Lesson 2: Identify Limiting Beliefs
  • Lesson 3: Limiting Beliefs Worksheets & Reprogramming What Holds You Back

Module 4

Determining Your
Values & Life Path

  • Lesson 1: Discover Your Core Values & Values Worksheet
  • Lesson 2: How To Stand Strong In Your Values

Module 5

Creating Your Future Vision

  • Lesson 1: Creating Your Future Vision Process
  • Lesson 2: Solidifying The Vision Through Inner Work
  • Lesson 3: How To Create Absolute Clarity On Your Goals

Module 6

Attracting Money & 
The Abundance Mindset

  • Lesson 1: Identify Your Abundance & Money Blockages
  • Lesson 2: Reasons Why You Can't Attract Enough $$$$ 
  • Lesson 3: The Key Habits To Attract More Money Into Your Life

Module 7

Business Mastery

  • Lesson 1: Determine Your Magic Number & Target Income
  • ​Lesson 2: Doing Competitor Research
  • Lesson 3: Your Unique Selling Point & Business Planning Worksheets
  • Lesson 4: Deciding On A Business Name Worksheets

Module 8

Branding & Marketing

  • ​Lesson 1: Branding & Marketing Masterclass
  • Lesson 2: The "How To" of Website & SEO Class
  • Lesson 3: How To Use Upwork And Hire Freelancers
  • Lesson 4: How To Use Telegram & Instagram Engagement Groups
  • ​​Lesson 5: How To Register Your Business On Google
  • ​Lesson 6: How To Edit a Wordpress Website

Module 9

The Entrepreneurs Mindset

  • Lesson 1: Mindset & Motivation Masterclass
  • Lesson 2: Entrepreneurship Mindset Mastery Part 1
  • Lesson 3: Entrepreneurship Mindset Mastery Part 1

Module 10 + 11

Course Audios

  • ​Lesson 1: The Most Common Startup Mistakes
  • Lesson 2: How To Start A Business Without Money
  • Lesson 3: Smart & Stupid Business Models
  • Lesson 4: Using Your Intuition In Business
  • Lesson 5: Magazine Features for Brand Building
  • Lesson 6: Avoiding Burnout as a Business Owner
  • Lesson 7: Leading Successful Lifestyle Retreats
  • Lesson 8: The Deal on Confidence
  • Lesson 9: Dealing with Challenging Times in Business
  • Lesson 10: ​Hiring Interns & Training Staff

Module 12

Launching Your Brand & Creating Online Content

  • ​Lesson 1: How To Create An Online Course
  • Lesson 2: My BEST Converting Funnel (gift)
  • Lesson 3: The Deal On Camera Equipment
  • Lesson 4: Working With Clickfunnels
  • ​Lesson 5: Creating a Membership Portal on Clickfunnels
  • Lesson 6: Editing Videos in I-Movie
  • Lesson 7: Launching Your Lifestyle Brand

Bonus Content

Bonus Business Trainings & NEW Content Every Week

  • ​Bonus Business Training:  How to Find Your Passion & Make $$$
  • Youtube Channel & Facebook Group Access:
    New Videos Every Week

What Will You Get?

  • 12 Modules: 30+ Videos and 20+ Audios Of Online Coaching Program
  • Lifetime Access: To ALL The Course Content
  • Workbook: 40+ Pages Of Worksheets, Tables, Business Planning & More
  • ​Launch: Launch Your Lifestyle Brand In 12-Weeks Time

Pay In Full Bonus

Pay In Full and receive access to Kaya's private Facebook group where she posts new content every week and engages with her students in person (valued at 2,999 USD)

What Other People Are Saying
"I had my first retreat and it was fully booked and a great success. Besides that I got the opportunity to work independent for a company based in London in the IT sector. I am the head of sales and can basically work from anywhere I want, I only need my laptop and phone and have to join some meetings. I love both jobs so much and finally created the life I always dreamed of but never even knew is out there. It is the best of both worlds!"

Cynthia Mehera, Switzerland

"I'm opening up my own studio, went from part-time to full-time teaching and am in the middle of negotiating a contract to take on Yoga for large Canadian company, working with 7 groups of 75 people! I credit my confidence and progress to this course!"

Stacy Olsen, UK

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